What is Women's Forum?

About SPSR Women's Forum

It is committed to encourage the study and practice of pharmacy education & research. The mission of the Society of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research (SPSR) is to promote the Pharmaceutical Sciences in all aspects. Our Vision is to promote and advance the science of Pharmacy and its applications in India.

Our Objectivess

  • To proliferate excellence in pharmacy by putting forth the expertise of women by giving them a platform to rise together.
  • To help cultivate leadership skills.
  • Promote enterpreneurship.
  • Build up optimistic approach by enabling women pharmacists to utilize their attributes in the best possible way.
  • Assembling together a plethora of professional and academic skills and vast experiences of women under this field for collaborating in achieving common goals.
  • Collaborating with other organizations in near future, who work in areas of meeting similar goals.
  • Strengthening the women community working in Pharmacy field.
  • Making women pharmacists self dependent and help them gain confidence and maintain social dignity as an individual.

Our Mission

Women's Forum SPSR is for the empowerment of women across the country who are involved in Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research.

Our Vision

Committed to encourage more and more women to rise and uplift their status as active Pharmacists involved in any speciality of Pharmacy field.


Our members